Between the Lies

Truth and honesty; the virtue of these very words,
Is this what the heart believes, or does my heart deceive me?
To believe these words, those in which such virtue does exist,
One must see past the lines of trust and fault;
Between the lies one comes across.

I must admit, my heart was at one point blind.
Behind the lies did lay this line,
Between these words, I could not find.
Hidden were such words as faith and light;
And deeper, there was something more.
But fear had once gripped my very core,
And loss consumed me so much more.

What virtue could exist when life’s corruption does persist?
It may seem the truth is lost, washed away by the sounds of life,
But this I know cannot be right!
Hidden, lost, and twisted by this deception,
We are left to believe that there are exceptions.
But the truth is solid and does not change.
Where it stands, it will surely stay.
No matter the pain or grief one may feel,
Nothing can make these lies more real.

This is why I tell you now that corruption does exist,
Deeply rooted in one’s selfishness.
We must realize that loss is a part of life;
Though we may sometimes fear, what is true for you and others too.
Past our realities, there are words to find;
Behind the very lies that keep us blind.
When we let our anger corrupt our youth,
We drive ourselves farther from this truth.

Vengeance, hatred, and such vices are always tempted by these lies,
Behind the lines of watchful eyes.
We must learn from what we leave behind;
Our pasts do not define our lives.
Past reality, there are words to find;
Words that will lead us to what is right.
We must shed this light upon the truth,
So we can destroy corruption at its root.
Do not let these lies deceive you,
When you know exactly what you should do.

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