Among the Stars

It is hard to find the words;
It is hard to say the words I think of.
To describe the way I feel is beyond the scope of all I’ve hoped for.
No one knows of all I’ve seen, nor do they know me at my core.
Sometimes it’s as if I don’t know myself.
I don’t know how I survived.
I don’t understand how I am alive.
All these trials, my mistakes;
They are my own.
Each choice, I have faced alone.
No one sees and even I,
I can’t come to imagine why.
All I see are changes.
Pieces of my heart drifting away and ceasing to exist;
Fading within the passage of time, I’m seemingly lost forever.
I fight every day to prove my worth,
Yet my values, my voice, go unheard,
Unshared and left to be forgotten.
Here I sit and in my solitude,
Hoping that I may someday be remembered.
Will I ever find myself among the stars,
Or am I fated to fall beneath my shattered heart?

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