The Tower

There is a tower outside my window,
Standing still, shiny, and blue.
This tower incomplete and entirely made of glass;
It rises beyond my range of sight, ever changing,
Climbing higher and higher with the passage of time.

As I sleep, I hope that I may someday dream,
Only to wake and see this tower rising before me.
“Find your way; know your space.”
I hear whispers coming from this place.

Every day, I watch it grow,
It takes on a shape I have not yet known.
Each day it advances towards the sky,
Shining brighter within this light,
And rising beyond my line of sight.

Over this horizon, I cannot see.
I find myself drifting into a dream;
“Am I lost or am I free?”

Into this tower, I will someday walk.
Wondering of what I will stumble across,
What exactly lies in front of me?
Is this an illusion or is this reality?

There is a tower outside my window,
Holding my hopes and dreams upon its crown.
Someday, I know, it will be complete.
But until then I can only watch;
Dreaming from afar, heavy of heart.

By looking upon this tower outside my window,
I’m reminded of all the things my faith has given me.
My hopes and dreams, they are never far from reach.
As long as I believe, I am free.

By gazing upon this tower outside my window, I confess;
I will put my fears to rest.
I vow to live and see the truth,
To live by the way of this great virtue,
and to be guided by the beacon of its might.

I will find my way, as you have told me so.
Because my faith is all I’ve known.
Just as this tower rises outside my window,
So will I, because my dreams are part of this same sky.

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