I travel far and alone, seeking peace and simple bliss.
But, I have found myself in the darkest space.
Still, I long to feel it;
The essence of home, a place to call my refuge.
Yet still, I must accomplish an unknown task.
Will I find it here or is it there?
I do not know.

So why must I go?
Why should I walk this path alone?
Is there truly something here for me?
In the darkest depth, I must admit.
This is where I belong…

It’s as if I fight for no reason. 
This is my conviction.
There is something I must fight for…
I don’t expect you to understand…

This is not what I planned for…
There is no room for confusion.
This is my conviction.
Because even when I lose, I win.

This is fate conspiring,
There is something guiding me.
I must follow this feeling.
Because with it, my heart sings.

I can’t stop this feeling,
Not when the words keep coming.
From deep inside, I hear it.
The drumming of my conviction.

To accept my fate with grace,
Even from within the darkest place,
This is my conviction.
Because when I walk alone, it glows..

Those who are led by the light,
Must go where they’re needed most.
Into places where they can fight,
Into places where their conviction can shine bright.

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