A Loss of Self

I lost a piece of myself,
Searching for something nearby.
I lost a part of who I was,
Looking for something by my side.

I wallowed in the Darkness,
Along an obscured path.
Malign from the blindside,
I denied the comfort of the Light.

I let the Darkness invade my mind.
And now, the Light has left me;
I’m lost in a space I can’t escape,
Within some forgotten place.

There is this echo inside my head,
A whisper of deep regret.
There is this piece of me I can’t forgive,
A part of which that should not live.

I long to see my life change from this,
To take a turn, back to bliss.
But is this what I deserve,
When it is I who has lost my nerve?

I long to feel that Light again,
To be in the presence of its bright beam.
But how can I be when I have lost my life;
Or when I am struggling to stay alive?

This is where I belong,
Within the Darkness’ grasp,
Falling into its wretched spin,
And held tightly within its deathhold grip.
I don’t deserve to feel what was once so bright,
Or to be protected by this bright Light.

My soul is tainted by my heart’s corruption.
My mind is haunted by my heart’s destruction.
Though I hope to stumble out of this forgotten place,
I feel that won’t be the case.

My plight for good will close with one great sorrow.
For tragic beginnings lead to tragic ends.
I will never feel this bliss again.

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