Character Profile: Lucia Sanoon, High Maiden of Moz

“The light has granted me a calling for which I must extend my gratitude; for fate has brought me here today, as your high maiden, to right the wrongs of this history of war and offer you a new right and claim to the light.” – Dutybound, pg. 43

Lucia Sanoon

The beautiful, golden rose of Moz, Lucia Sanoon is Moz’s high maiden, and the chosen savior of the Light Wings, a relic of ancient origin and immense power. Despite her naivety and judgemental tendencies, Lucia is highly intuitive and capable of predicting future events with pristine accuracy.

This gift has brought her in favor of her mother, Ara, a devout to the light and its will. Ara gives Lucia the Light Wings years after Lucia’s long-lost father, Stello, had left it in her company, meant for Lucia to inherit when she was “ready” to assume the call of her duty.

However, Lucia couldn’t be more resistant to her title, her power, or her mother’s instancy that she use her gifts for the “prosperity” of her province. Lucia is a faithful being, believing the light to be a benevolent, selfless force capable of helping her achieve her deepest desires, but Lucia indeed feels trapped within the shell of her privileged noble-life.

She often struggles to find the middle ground between passion and purpose, which leads her to write hymns to the light to use her prayers to imagine a life free from the expectations of her mother and the limitations of her nobility.

But, unbeknownst to Lucia, her upbringing hasn’t quite prepared her enough for the trials set into motion by her father decades earlier. His absence has left her without a piece of her identity and leaves her wondering who she could be more than of who she actually is. This distracts her often from her intuition, manifesting as doubt that usually undermines and makes it hard for her to make crucial decisions on her own. She often looks for justification, when deep down Lucia must trust and believe in herself, especially her emotions, which she feels intensely. 

So, reasonably, she’s her own worst critic and worst enemy. She must learn to accept herself, of which she isn’t fully comfortable with. She believes she doesn’t know herself quite at all, because of her father’s absence; there is a piece of herself missing and there is too much she doesn’t know.

Lucia has a strong sense of duty despite all this, like her mother. Though she wishes to be free of her obligation as Moz’s high-maiden, similar to how her father wanted to be free to follow his own passions, she remains ambitious and eager to leave a legacy of some sort.

Even if she doesn’t know it yet. But her lack of faith in her own abilities makes her believe otherwise.


Read her introduction within the first chapter of Dutybound, ‘Memento’.

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