Consequences of Love

There’s something I must come to terms with,
A grisly fate I can’t escape.
It’s hard accepting feelings I can’t quell.
These works of a dangerous spell.

There isn’t much I can deny.
I know exactly where my heart does lie.
But coming to terms with this dark truth;
Is this something I should do?
Because when I look into your eyes, I see something I cannot deny;
There is this light that always shines. 

After all this time, I’ve been waiting for something more.
But now I’m left with almost nothing. 
I am always losing. 
My fate is to be torn from this; to lose and not to exist.
Understanding what my heart is feeling is like waiting for it to break. 
It’s all too much for my mind to take. 
With my heart falling so,
I’m unsure of where to go.
All I know is that I must go far,
Because it’s our destiny to be apart.
To be forgotten is a fate worse than death.

Oh, how do I face the consequences of your love?
Will I ever again see that light that shines;
That spark in your eyes?
To face these consequences,
There is no worse pain.
Losing the bliss of our conversations,
Losing that touch of temptation.
Why must I face this conviction;
When these consequences cause so much friction? 
Must I turn away and hope someday that I’ll find my way;
Within only the consequences of love’s last waves.

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