Character Profile: Luzanna Renon, Chief Heiress of the Carist Tribe

“The darkness could never marvel to be as powerful as the light. It may seem impossible right now, but in my heart I know this to be true. With darkness may come fear, but as long as there is light, there is hope!” – Dutybound, pg. 320

Luzanna Renon

Introducing Luzanna Renon…

Aldric native, Carist, Scholar, Warrior… To her there are many faces, but none more familiar than that of the dove mask Luzanna dons unapologetically. As the heiress of the Carist tribe, her upbringing raised her up to be a capable researcher and fighter, honing her skills in both body and mind.

On the outside Luzanna looks to be your traditional Carist tribeswoman, but beneath her mask and armor is a powerfully perceptive and a strong human being. With transcendent hope and a clear vision, Luzanna is formidable. Her mentality is always at its peak, remaining highly skeptical and prepared for even the most unpredictable outcomes.

A brilliant strategist, Luzanna has the natural charisma of a leader and often takes charge when no one else will. Unlike Lucia, she does not fear authority, but rather she embraces it, knowing full well that she is her own greatest asset.

The confident dove’s knowledge capacity and skills as a fighter have prepared her for an incredible future as one of the Light Wings virtues, represented by the colors of pink and magenta. Though her weapon of choice is a polearm or spear, customary of her Carist upbringing, Luzanna’s agile thinking and perceptive nature allows her to adapt to a variety of dangerous situations, easily her making one of the most mature members of the Light Wings team. 

Luzanna’s greatest strengths lie in logic and reasoning, with evidence playing a crucial role in her decision-making process. She considers every possibility, strategizing within every moment, in order to control the outcome of an everchanging and unpredicatable future. Luzanna will do anything to fight for the future she desires most for herself and those she cares most about. However, this drive often leads her to take on more than she bargained for.

Despite her more tasteful qualities, Luzanna can be quite tactful, cunning, and manipulative. Her skepticism can lead her to go to extremes to prove a point or support her cause. Though this incredible will can make her act desperately and panic when she doesn’t have all the answers, it often proves to be her greatest strength because she is someone who believes nothing is impossible and anything is achievable.

Also unlike Lucia, Luzanna is a very capable liar and someone who is capable of manipulating the truth for her own gain. This can be either good or bad. Understandably, Luzanna uses her knowledge and access to information to establish a place of authority, much like her father, Talon Renon, Chief Elder of Aldric and the Carist tribe.

To her knowledge is power. Her kickass fighting skills are just a plus. 

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