I once had hoped for a simple wish,
Something trivial, nothing more than mere bliss.
But as I peer beyond that orange horizon,
I can’t help but feel afflicted by a wretched poison.

Consumed by my doubts and fears,
My loss brings me to the brink of tears.
But why? When nothing has yet come to pass.

My desire no stronger than a fickle fire,
What am I to do?
My love is here, so deep, sincere.
But is this love that I fear?
Is it love that brings these tears?

Because I know what waits is not this wish.
Fate so cruel would not grant me such bliss.
Whatever waits for me beyond the twilight,
The orange haze of that coming night,
Will only bring what’s most frightful.
All my doubts and fears, realized.
All within the emptiness of night. 

Within stale air of the darkest shadows.
Loneliness and all its sorrows.
This is not the life I chose,
But it is the life I will always know.
So tell me now:
Why can’t I simply flee?

Or is there no escaping this grief,
To find the bliss of which I speak?
All I know is loss, heartbreak. 
To love and to lose, my only muse.

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