Character Profile: Leocadio Feral, Sir of Pinea

“I’ve been fighting my whole life, training to protect my land and my people… I was taught to think for myself.” – Dutybound, pg. 176

Leo Feral

Cool and collective, Leocadio “Leo” Feral, is the noble sir of Pinea, Moz’s former rival and neighbor to the north. Turmoil has existed between the Sanoon and Feral dynasties for generations. At one point there was to be a union and an everlasting peace, but that was short-lived as Pinea launched an invasion, causing Frailty’s War. But the days of war have long been forgotten, now nothing more than history within this youth’s eyes.

We meet Leo during a mission to deliver a mysterious letter to Moz’s high maiden, Lucia Sanoon. Leo is head-strong, determined, and even quite stubborn, but fully capable of keeping his cool in most type of situations. After all, for much of his youth, he trained with Pinea’s finest military personnel in hand-to-hand combat and weapon tactics. His weapon of choice, a custom-made silver dagger, bequeath to him by his father, Sigranole Feral.

For the most part, Leo is known to be reserved and quite rational. However, beneath this icy exterior exists a beast waiting to be unleashed. As he grows closer to Lucia, so does his desire to protect her. Though gifted in self-control, Leo can lose it, causing his temperament to become highly unpredictable with Lucia and what he considers being her “self-interests”.

Leo acts deliberately and hardly ever doubts the decisions he makes. He places great thought into every action he takes, contemplating his choices before making them. His self-discipline can make him appear arrogant, especially when he criticizes the choices of others.

Leo likes to put up a tough front, but is obviously insecure at certain times, though he may never admit so. Despite this, he is certain of himself and places his faith in the choices he makes. Within him is an impenetrable resolve and immense fortitude to endure even the darkest of circumstances.

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