Steps of Mercy

It’s hard not to think that my life has taken such a turn,
My pride, my ego, reduced, reformed…

Faced with such a dream,
I want nothing more than to be seen.

Not to speak or to be heard,
But to be admired; inspired.
Such positive things.

As I change, I choose to take this form,
To become something more.

Where has this bravery come from,
Still, yet so concrete.
I can’t seem to place it quite into my reality.

All this still feels like a dream,
A quiet sense of serenity I did not expect.
A quiet sense of peace I had once rejected.

But here I am, at the foot of this great mercy.
My struggle ending,
My heart growing,
My feelings flaring.

My passion has never felt more empowered.
I don’t quite understand how my life has come to this.
On the steps with one great kiss.

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