A Heart So Holy

Listening to these words within,
My spirit calls like the wind,
Whistling to me as I give in.

I grasp onto this innate wisdom,
And I find my heart ascending,
Accepting a life beyond my freedom,
A life so holy, my everlasting story,
Living for the light’s glory.

There is purpose in what it calls for,
Asking that I do something more.
I could never truly explain what it is I’m feeling,
For one, I rarely feel it.
But when I do, I weep.
My tears streaming, my life complete.
Even if so temporary,
That is how I know such grace does exist.
Because there is nothing quite like it.

This fate I can’t reject.
This light I must accept.
Nothing else could make me feel so holy.
Bringing about the light’s glory.

Is this the power of its grace,
Coming from such a secret place?

To sanctify and find such light,
To live my life with such might.
This is what it calls for,
Within its promise of something more.

With one touch, with one wish.
Such power lies within the heaven’s kiss.
There is nothing more to desire,
Then to watch the will of the light transpire,
Bringing my heart closer to its ascension,
All while forgiving me of my heart’s transgressions.

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One thought on “A Heart So Holy

  1. I absolutely love this!!! Your words have an essence of sweetness in hope and a spiritual insight of love from a higher power.

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