Time to Rise, Time to Fight

There will come a time when we’ll have to rise,
A time when we’ll have to fight,
A time when we’ll have to do what’s right.
Despite all that we face,
We can’t continue to make the same mistakes.
We must raise the stakes.
We must accept our fates.
For this is our conviction, fighting with no restrictions.

There’s more to this, this purpose.
An echo of a promise and a secret wish.
Something selfless and not selfish.
There will come a time when we’ll have to rise,
A time when we’ll have to fight,
And do what’s right.
So why forget about all that we must protect?

Our futures lie ahead of us.
Our fates may be our own, yet we will not die alone!
Because we’re stronger than any darkness, stronger than any pain,
We are mightier than the storms of the strongest hurricanes.

Don’t underestimate the will of man, for there is always a plan.
For a man without vision will surely die, but not with the powers of will and might.
Our vision is stronger than any stone, mightier than any bone.
For we have more to prove than you could ever know.

There is a fire that burns so brightly,
Scorching this fear inside of me.
Dissolving and transforming into something brave.
I know exactly what I’m taking to my grave.

Is this what it feels to be strong, so powerful and with resolve?
Unwavering, unfaltering, and unbroken,
This is the time to rise and fight for the unspoken.

Like what you just read? Check out the prologue to Dutybound: Light Wings Epic Volume 1, available June 22nd, 2021.


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