Falling For You

As I look into those eyes,
I see a way into your heart.
A door into this dark space,
Where a light can be made;
Such a dangerous place,
But a worthy escape.

It’s coming,
Somewhat of a calling.
I can’t say what…
But it comes and goes,
Like a whisper, an echo, or the falling snow.
Somehow, I just know.
This is how our journey will begin.

Moving towards the horizon,
I can see it rising.
Shining like a golden storm.
Blazing and transforming,
This flare of many changes,
Moving my mind into many places.

Bringing a sense of longing.
Oh, the temptation of this calling.
Rising and falling,
A bittersweet emotion one can’t ignore.
Failing and revealing,
Our purpose lies waiting.
But why?
When this is where our darkness lies,
Fading into falling light.

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