What does one stand to lose, falling into tides where they must choose?
When the tests of our youth are more than enough to struggle through…
How does one find there way within such a world? A dangerous place; one far from truth.

To act and to fail;
That’ll leave you with nothing.
To wait and to gain;
Oh, that’ll be something.
But how? If not now…
What of our life’s ambitions?

Bringing my life into the light is what I’ve always wanted.
But how could one ever be so fortunate?
To strive and be alive, words I’d once written…
From the confines of a harsh world’s expectations.
Yet, the darkness still holds me; leaving me forgotten.
Lost within my choices; regretful and oh so haunted.

Wisdom innate, yet always changing.
Knowledge lost with time, yet always remaining.
Philosophies brought to light; prophecies of shadow coursing through my mind.
Here exists a realm, trapped in suffering and despair; my forever warning.
Hearts waning; always fading.
But somehow always wanting; always longing.
Destined to harden; never to soften.
My only weakness; falling into this darkness.

My mind aches as I lose it; wandering among its many choices.
Opportunities, distractions; you name it.
There is something coming; a tortured revenant.
There is something looming; a terrible revelation.
This is not the light I had once dreamed of; instead it’s something corrupted.
My heart’s broken; because I took it for granted.

My life’s lament; can one relate?
Or is there something more at stake?
My pain, my payment for my mistakes.
This is what’s left within its wake; this reality of the unwanted.
This truth of words unspoken.

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