Pledge to Justice

There’ll be bloodshed, I swear it.
Not a hint of mercy.
There’ll be no solace.
If history is doomed to repeat,
This will be my price for peace,
War, squall, and conflict.

For the love you’ve stolen,
From the innocence you’ve ridden and left behind.
I’ll bring a wrath wrapped in poison.
This is my promise, my word, my truth. 


My hands are stained with this heartfelt refrain,
My pledge to justice begins on this day.
With a light we don’t share, a light you reject to bear, 
With a power so mighty, you’ll cower in fear!

My flames will spread, 
Devouring all who dare.
With my light, I’ll cast the unfair into despair.

For you now have something to wrought your fright!
To think such blessings could bring about such strife.
Grace is reserved for the weak and the meek,
Not the wicked or the wretched.


Those who don’t seek forgiveness will be punished, never spared.
For that is the pledge to justice.
Their sin, their curse.
Our virtue, our purpose.

My conviction rises to defy such insolence.
All-consuming, one can’t defeat it.
Bringing to dark realms a light,
A sword unsheathed, a sword unshielded.

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