Character Profile: Amarisa Linolm, Princess of Argania

Why must I live under the tyranny of a cult bent on perverting the light’s sacred doctrine into something unclean and impure? And at what cost to whom? To sit here, waiting for him, my dear brother… Whom of which I barely remember… Of whom I know truthfully I cannot trust?” — BloodBound, pg. 17

Amarisa Linolm Promo

Stripped of her nobility and used for the sole purpose of holding the affection of a dying nation, Princess Amarisa Linolm is one of two heirs to Argania’s throne. The largest and most industrialized of Terestria’s provinces has, for the most part, lived in isolation on the Northern Continent. Within its long history of civil war, the Linolm dynasty has struggled to maintain peace amongst its vast and dense population, leading to the rise of an extremist group that overthrew the monarchy in order to instate a theocracy of prominence demise.

Now, when a mysterious woman appears with a winged-pendant around her neck, warning of a coming darkness from the south, all while another civil war is brewing amongst her people, Amarisa is forced to make a decision. To either wait for her long-thought dead brother, Amadeus, to return and become Argania’s rightful king or to escape the clutches of her captors and join the Valorant, a rebel faction seeking to remove the Valiant Sanctum from all-power and to place it into the hands of Argania’s people…

But as the truth starts to unravel before her eyes, Amarisa soon will realize that there is more at stake than her life, her family, her birthright, and her kingdom. For there is indeed a darkness coming, for her and her brother, the twin guardians of the Light’s fourth virtue: Love.

Amarisa is the first new character to be officially announced in the upcoming sequel to DutyBound: Light Wings Epic Vol. 1.

Inspired by stories of war, revolution, and revelation, BloodBound: Light Wings Epic Vol. 2 will take the Light Wings Epic into unprecedented scale, as our heroes once again face off against the sins born from the corruption of generations passed.

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