With so many expectations I feel so lost, subject to my conviction. I live for what has been set for me and wonder; could I really thrive this way? Must I fight for what I'm told to be or do I fight for what I know is right? I could thrive if only my life was mine. If only I could survive these expectations that bind. I've lost control; I'm dodging the unknown, being pulled by what I don't know and running from what burns; this so-called redemption. These strings don't … Continue reading Expectations

The Memento: an excerpt from Dutybound

lucia sanoon virtue of justice

It had been seventeen years since the master of Moz left his province venturing forth into the farthest regions of Terestria in search of a redemption he would not find.  The morning was crisp and splendent as the spring brought in what appeared to be an early summer. The sunlight radiated down toward the grand … Continue reading The Memento: an excerpt from Dutybound

Prologue: an excerpt from Dutybound

sin of envy

Today was a day of tragedy, though most did not know it.  Now, it was a dark and cloudless night. Not one sound broke throughout the grand white city of Moz, situated within the valley of a vast mountain range, sparkling like a diamond. Not a single ray of light could shed an ounce of … Continue reading Prologue: an excerpt from Dutybound