Duty’s Bane: an excerpt from Dutybound

Duty's Bane

The gates of the manor were flooded with lights as multitudes of people traveled the roads. It took about a sixteenth of the Mozian military to securely lay passage for the relatively minuscule number of nobles invited to the party, as waves of commoners gathered there, ever hopeful. To witness a moment of luxury beyond … Continue reading Duty’s Bane: an excerpt from Dutybound

Echoes of a Dream

following your dreams

Lost in thought, I foresee past the trees;Into times, that could not be.These dreams, dreams within me, could they be something?Could they possibly be the reality in which I seek? In the distance, I see you;A distant dream.A reality for you; a reality for me.A promise to keep.A light lost with time,Echoes; echoes through the night.Through this hole you left; left behind.Can you hear it now?Moving through … Continue reading Echoes of a Dream