The story of the Light Wings resolves around those we call its “virtues”. These four youths are born of noble blood, the reigning families of the four great provinces of Terestria: Moz, Pinea, Aldric, and Argania.

In Dutybound, we’re introduced to the first three. Among them is our series protagonist high maiden, Lucia Sanoon of Moz, her companion Sir Leocadio “Leo” Feral of Pinea, and the Carist Tribe’s Chief Heiress Luzanna Renon of Aldric. Their fates intertwine as their world seemingly slips into a sharp decent into chaos with the emergence of the Light Wings, the mysterious pendant the guides our story… quite literally.

Within this directory, you will find short profiles of these characters. Use these profiles to give you a glimpse into the world of these characters and provide a preview into the roles they shall play in the Light Wings Epic’s on-going plot.

The Light’s Virtues

Leocadio Feral