light wings expectations from birth

Don’t worry! No spoilers here. ‘Bloodbound’ is the second volume of The Light Wings Epic. In this volume, we’re introduced to Ethan, a member of a troupe of treasure hunters and Armarisa, rightful princess to Argania and ward to the tyrant, Emperor Kuzman. In this preview, we get a glimpse of the distant province of Argania and how Ethan and Armarisa’s destinies will tie into the lives of the dutybound.

Though it may seem like the stories are unconnected, the stories of Lucia, Leo, Luzanna, and these twin heirs are destined to collide as Ethan must face the responsibilities of his long-forgotten birthright and Armarisa must find the strength to rebel against her master and save her kingdom from its storm of hatred.

Bloodbound introduces us to a new version of The Light Wings Epic, a world where sin is leveraged as a tool for conquest and virtue is viewed as a reflection of sin itself. Welcome to the second War of Frailty…

To check out this preview of ‘Bloodbound: Light Wings Epic Vol. 2’, click the link below.

  1. Two Hearts: an excerpt from Bloodbound

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