About Mark Alvarez II

Mark Aaron Alvarez II

How does one define their life’s true purpose? For me, I can imagine there are many words to describe what I do. But ultimately, what defines me is my mission. Striving to be an altruist, I’m set on impacting the world and changing it for the better.

There is no greater power than one’s faith. Every day, I do my best to remember that because no matter where I come from, no matter what I’ve seen or been through, I know my devotion will bring me closer to the purpose I seek. What lies ahead is more than glory. It’s a legacy and a future worth remembering.

Mark A. Alvarez II is a Hispanic-American born in Houston, Texas. He’s a graduate of Texas State University, where he studied Public Relations and Mass Communications. He is a graduate of the NEW Apprenticeship, the first tech-apprenticeship program accredited by the United States Department of Labor. He is the CEO and Founder of Light Wings Promotions LLC, a digital marketing and creative branding agency based in San Antonio, Texas, where Mark currently resides.

Mark Alvarez