About Mark Alvarez II

Mark Aaron Alvarez II
Mark Aaron Alvarez II

Mark Alvarez was born in the inner-city limits of Houston, Texas where he miraculously survived a gunshot at the age of four years old. Little did he know, this one incident would change his outlook on life forever. Despite his shortcomings, Mark remained studious, aspiring to become an adept and renowned writer, using his story, Light Wings, as a medium of hope, inspiration, and above all faith in a seemingly faithless world.

Mark is a graduate of Texas State University, an alum of the school of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is also a member of the NEW Apprenticeship, the nation’s only accredited digital marketing apprenticeship program, the Public Relations Society of America, and the International Quill and Scroll Honor Society. Mark is also the CEO of Light Wings Promotions, a digital marketing and creative branding agency based in San Antonio, Texas.His work with LWP helps shed light on the world of digital marketing.

Mark is affiliated with several nonprofits in San Antonio. He has focused much of his digital marketing efforts to raise awareness to many causes, such as child advocacy, professional coaching, and post-secondary journalism & media education.

Mark will soon release his first book. Dutybound is the first volume of The Light Wings Epic. Within it this volume, we introduce you to the world of Terestria and the mystery surrounding the world’s origin as a growing Darkness looms over, waiting to destroy it.

The book will be releasing on June 22nd. You can learn more about ‘Dutybound: Light Wings Epic Vol. 1’ on Goodreads.