Take Me Back

Lucia Sanoon, the protagonist of the Light Wings Epic, is known for writing beautiful hymns during her times of prayer at her home in Moz. These poems are reflections of the conviction and conflict she holds within herself as she ponders her one true purpose and destiny. This characteristic is something I hold within myself and have passed onto the character. Some of her poetry is featured within the Light Wings Epic series, however, you can read some of my very own poetry by clicking below. Feel free to share your interpretations, comments, and feedback. Enjoy!

  1. So Long
  2. Expectations
  3. A Longing for Fate
  4. Between the Lies
  5. Echoes of a Dream
  6. Among the Stars
  7. The Tower
  8. Conviction
  9. A Loss of Self
  10. Take Me Back
  11. Consequences of Love
  12. Clouds of Shadow
  13. Poison
  14. Steps of Mercy
  15. A Heart So Holy
  16. What You Do
  17. Falling For You
  18. What I Could Not See

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