A Stretch of Faith: an excerpt from Dutybound

Light Wings Lucia Sanoon

Lucia looked beyond the altar and into the stained glass behind it. She blinked as the light seeped through and hit the pendant at the base of her neck causing it to shine. The colors were spiraling as usual, mixing into the sunlight. She felt the warmth, accepting the triumphant beauty that absorbed into her … Continue reading A Stretch of Faith: an excerpt from Dutybound

Echoes of a Dream

following your dreams

Lost in thought, I foresee past the trees;Into times, that could not be.These dreams, dreams within me, could they be something?Could they possibly be the reality in which I seek? In the distance, I see you;A distant dream.A reality for you; a reality for me.A promise to keep.A light lost with time,Echoes; echoes through the night.Through this hole you left; left behind.Can you hear it now?Moving through … Continue reading Echoes of a Dream



With so many expectations I feel so lost, subject to my conviction. I live for what has been set for me and wonder; could I really thrive this way? Must I fight for what I'm told to be or do I fight for what I know is right? I could thrive if only my life was mine. If only I could survive these expectations that bind. I've lost control; I'm dodging the unknown, being pulled by what I don't know and running from what burns; this so-called redemption. These strings don't … Continue reading Expectations