Pledge to Justice

Pledge to Justic

There’ll be bloodshed, I swear it.Not a hint of mercy.There’ll be no solace.If history is doomed to repeat,This will be my price for peace,War, squall, and conflict.For the love you’ve stolen,From the innocence you’ve ridden and left behind.I’ll bring a wrath wrapped in poison.This is my promise, my word, my truth.  *** My hands are … Continue reading Pledge to Justice

Prologue: an excerpt from Dutybound

Featuredsin of envy

Today was a day of tragedy, though most did not know it.  Now, it was a dark and cloudless night. Not one sound broke throughout the grand white city of Moz, situated within the valley of a vast mountain range, sparkling like a diamond. Not a single ray of light could shed an ounce of … Continue reading Prologue: an excerpt from Dutybound